Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter fun

These posts are becoming less frequent, but that's only because we are enjoying busy lives.  We recently had friends visit for Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to seeing more family after Christmas.  Here are some photos of what Katherine has been up to!

She loves her owl hat.  She also has a pink kitty hat, but will only wear the owl hat!  She calls it "at".

Painting!  As you can see, she took a taste of the blue paint.

Hair is getting longer - very messy after a day in pigtails.

Reading with Daddy

Kate's not always cuddly, but when she is, it's the best - here she is about to go to bed.

Daddy gets her to make funny faces in the mirror after her bath.

Mom takes Kate to the mall for easy window-shopping entertainment, and lots of space to walk around.

More artwork at school - I think this was a finger-painted turkey.

Doing yoga with Daddy

Content to be reading in the car

Just being cute!

Waving hello!

Matt is reading to Kate and 2-year-old William, who came to visit for Thanksgiving from Providence (with his parents Stephen and Deb).

Fun at the park

Kate loves blueberries...

...and so does William!

More fun at the playground

Hanging out with Stephen

Kate had to walk quickly to keep up with William and Deb!
Merry early Christmas!