Sunday, April 6, 2014

Miscellaneous photos from January - April

Here's a variety of photos from the past few months of life in Omaha!

Kate helped Mom with her grading on a day home from school.
Kate's showing off her Big Sister T-shirt!  We're excited for little brother to arrive at the end of May!

Saturday morning breakfast - Matt is grumpy that Kate is stealing his cereal.

Trying on Mom's slippers
Happy to be holding a yellow object!

Saying good-bye to the nursery workers at church - Annie & Kathy

Playing with friend Tessa
brushing Mom's hair
Getting ready for baby #2!
swinging at the park
Getting the hang of riding piggy-back with Daddy
All bundled up after a bath
Leading the way in a crawling race after church!
At the neighborhood park

Helping Daddy with a garden, now that spring is finally here!

Katherine's 2nd birthday

Grandma and Grandpa Van Hook came to visit for the weekend of Kate's 2nd birthday (February 9th, 2014).  She had fun playing with them!  And eating cupcakes, of course.

Kate had fun rolling the ball with Grandpa.

Playing with Grandpa's watch

Trying a new coloring book present

Happy birthday, Kate!