Saturday, June 2, 2012

Boston-Providence trip May 26-29

Grandma Van Hook held Kate during Abby and Dave's wedding rehearsal.
Notice Abby's bare feet! :)
Walking to the rehearsal dinner.
Grandpa Van Hook tries to calm a very tired and cranky baby!
Ultimately it took a car ride to finally put her to sleep.
Mr. and Mrs. Abigail and David Reens!
Aunt Lynn held Kate while Matt and Emily played in the wedding.
Hi, Uncle Josh!
Family photos outside before the reception.
With Aunt Abby and Uncle Dave.
Great Grandma Van Hook loved holding Katherine!
Great Aunt Ellyn got Kate out on the dance floor!
We went to Providence to stay with Stephen and Deb. 
I think it's safe to call him "Uncle Stephen" even though we're not related. :)
This is William Young!  He's 3 months older than Kate. 
This is Aunt Deb!
William was very interested in Kate...
...and was observing her from his high chair as she lay on his play mat.
The babies observe each other.
Snuggling babies on the couch...whether they like it or not!
Aunt Deb plays the flying baby game.  Just beware of drool and spit-up!
We wish we were still next-door neighbors!
This is us right before saying good-bye.  Kate is spitting up, as usual!
We finally made it back to Omaha, after having an amazingly pleasant baby on the plane.  Good job Kate!  Let's do it again in 2 weeks when we travel to France (gulp)!
One of my favorite photos from the trip...all dressed up for a family photo!

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