Saturday, October 27, 2012

Highlights from the past 2 weeks

We've been busy around here!  Mostly with parents working, everyone having multiple colds, and Katherine acquiring a 3rd tooth.  She is doing great at daycare.  Kate loves the Jumperoo they have there, so much that now she tries to jump even in our non-springy apparatus at home, as well as while standing on our laps, etc.  She is eating a lot, and taking longer naps at daycare than at the beginning.  Generally, Katherine is a happy little girl and we are enjoying her every day.  Now, here are some photos!

Wearing a handmade hat from Emily's cousin's wife Kriste.
Fell asleep in the car after a dinner with Matt's coworkers.
Hair got messy after being smeared with oatmeal!
Playing with blocks from Aunt Karie.
Alfalfa hair in the bath!
I turned on the light to wake her from her nap, and she continued naturally I took pictures.
Protesting being woken up...
Emily's college roommate Allison came for a visit during a cross-country road trip!  We hadn't seen her in over 5 years.
Kate is hanging out with Matt's coworker Minghui and her new husband Tao.
Daddy thinks it's fun to hold Katherine upside down.  She tolerates it! :)

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