Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fun with a 13-month-old

 We've been having a lot of fun lately!  Katherine is showing more and more personality and preferences.  She has favorite toys (mainly wooden puzzle pieces), favorite places to crawl to in the apartment (the table where the wooden puzzles and books are), favorite foods (crackers, pasta, cheese, bread...) and favorite pages in books (one that makes her happy is of "the three little kittens who lost their mittens"). 

And most fun of all - Katherine took her first steps a few days ago!  She's mostly going on momentum and falls into our arms after a few steps, and usually still wants to hold on to as she walks.  But she's getting better! 
Katherine loves books!
Daddy discovered that she likes when he blows a nice breeze through her hair...

Wearing green for St Patrick's Day
We went to the park, but what Kate was most interested was picking up every small speck she could find on the ground.
Having fun with our friend Warner

This is how you use a spoon, right?
Cruising, and wearing a scrunchie from Uncle David (her hair won't be ready for those for a while...)
Enjoying ice cream, gelato, and fun plastic spoons!

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