Sunday, April 6, 2014

Miscellaneous photos from January - April

Here's a variety of photos from the past few months of life in Omaha!

Kate helped Mom with her grading on a day home from school.
Kate's showing off her Big Sister T-shirt!  We're excited for little brother to arrive at the end of May!

Saturday morning breakfast - Matt is grumpy that Kate is stealing his cereal.

Trying on Mom's slippers
Happy to be holding a yellow object!

Saying good-bye to the nursery workers at church - Annie & Kathy

Playing with friend Tessa
brushing Mom's hair
Getting ready for baby #2!
swinging at the park
Getting the hang of riding piggy-back with Daddy
All bundled up after a bath
Leading the way in a crawling race after church!
At the neighborhood park

Helping Daddy with a garden, now that spring is finally here!

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