Monday, July 7, 2014

June happenings / Isaac's 2nd month

Here's some photos from the past four weeks!

Van Hook grandparents came to visit for a weekend!  Here is Grandpa reading to Kate.


1-month-old baby Isaac! 

Baby and parents enjoy the baby carrier - he usually falls asleep in it, just like big sister did.

Uncle David came to visit!

Kate loves ice cream - her favorite flavors are "white" and "brown."

5 weeks old

Great Aunt Carol also came to visit!  (Matt was out of town for several days, so Emily much appreciated relatives visiting and helping during that time!)

David and Kate work on sorting the blocks by color.  (Kate was bossing David around in the process)


Bedtime story with GAC

Storytime at the library.  The theme was circles, so of course hula hoops were involved.  Kate loves hopping!

Tummy time

"Mama stop!"  Kate is getting more independent - here she insists on climbing stairs and going down the slide by herself.

Making funny faces and starting to smile!


The boys resting at the park

Enjoying a sleeping baby.

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