Friday, October 3, 2014

Isaac's baptism weekend Sept. 25-28

Isaac Edwin Van Hook was baptized by his grandfather, Bob Luidens, on Sunday, September 28, 2014.  We had family visit Omaha for the weekend to join us and celebrate Isaac's baptism, as well as enjoy food, spend time playing with Katherine, and just have fun catching up and passing the baby around!  Here are some photos from the weekend, in no particular order...

The main event - the baptism!
painting toenails
Sharing ice cream with Aunt Karie
Bouncing on Grandpa Luidens
singing in church before the baptism
Kate did lots of coloring with her aunts, uncles, and grandparents!
Grandpa Luidens let Kate paint his toenails purple!
Van Hook family:  Abby, Emily & Kate, Matt & Isaac, Shari, Dan, Josh and Lynn
at church before the service
with Grandma Luidens at the library after story-time
drooling on Grandpa's pants!
with the Luidens family: Bob, Mary, Karie, Emily & Kate, Matt & Isaac
Isaac and Aunt Karie
We finally got a photo of the four of us, but Kate was tired of photos by that point...
Emily & Karie
Reading with Grandma Luidens
More bouncing with Aunt Lynn
And even more bouncing with Uncle Josh!
He loves to grab.  Here he is enjoying Karie's long, grabbable hair!
with Grandpa Van Hook
We enjoyed eating and sitting outside in the warm sunny weather!
The bouncing continues on Aunt Abby!
photo of a photo - Kate is somehow saying "Cheese" without smiling!
coloring with Grandma Van Hook
Luidens family relaxing outside

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