Thursday, August 2, 2012

Koeppe family reunion July 27-29

We met at Pere Marquette Lodge in Grafton, Illinois, where these reunions have been taking place for the past 6 years (Emily's mom's side of the family).  We hadn't been since 2006, and were excited to see family and introduce them to Kate!
Mary and Bob stayed in Michigan for a few days before meeting up with Karie and Stelios to drive to the reunion.  Here they are at Uncle Don and Aunt Peg's house in Holland, MI.
Meanwhile, back in Omaha, Kate was ready for her first road trip! 
It turns out she gets bored after a while, and prefers the freedom of planes and trains as opposed to being strapped into a carseat.
Kate got to show off her bathing suit and "swim" for the first time.
She liked it!
We managed to get some nap time in at the hotel...
...but not too much.
Once again, Kate got to be held by many family members!
The Koeppe family likes to take photos!  This is my favorite one...we're working on lining up, but not quite getting it...
There we go!
Cousins lined up by age (Mary is 3rd from left).
Next generation cousins lined up by age (Emily and Karie are near the middle).
Cousins' spouses - "the outlaws."
The littlest generation!
Luidens/Van Hook/Alvarez families, minus brother David.
Kate had so much fun hanging out with Aunt Karie and Uncle Stelios!
It was a lovely time...see you at Christmas!  (Kate will probably be driving by then.)

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