Thursday, August 2, 2012

Only look if you have a strong stomach...

Here is what Kate and I did this morning:

1.) Have some milk.
2.) Play/roll around.
3.) Whine.
4.) Take some Tedou photos.
5.) Eat some green beans and rice cereal. (I thought maybe Kate was still hungry...)
6.) Change outfits, since the original one was wet with drool.
7.) Attempt another Tedou photo in the new outfit - I commented to her that it was one of my favorites, with such pretty colors!
8.) Then this happened:

So apparently when Kate said she was full, she meant it!  Mom was annoyed, Kate whined some more, and she soon fell asleep for her morning nap while Mom cleaned the green off the white couch.

But as I was going through photos that I took this morning and came across this one, I laughed out loud and felt better!  Aren't babies so cute with their green spit-up?

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