Saturday, September 8, 2012

Katherine's 30th week / first week at day care

This week was Kate's first week at day care (the Child Development Center at the hospital where Matt works) and she is doing great!  She is not napping nearly as much, but she's eating a lot and seems to be enjoying herself.  We think she might be an extrovert, since she loves all the activity around her and gets so talkative and excited!  (We introverts don't quite understand this...)  She is smiling more than ever, and even has her first tooth as of last weekend!

Also, this week was Emily's first week of teaching classes at Metropolitan Community College, and it went very well - so far the best teaching job yet based on overall sanity and peace of mind (there is much less pressure, student disrespect, and the feeling of being rushed all the time that was felt at high school teaching jobs).  The down sides of working are every-growing piles of laundry and less time to take baby photos during the week.  But it's a small price to pay.  Overall, this Van Hook family is doing well. 

Okay, now the real reason you're here - pictures of Katherine!


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