Sunday, September 30, 2012

Katherine's 33rd week

Dressed up and "walking" at Matt's coworker's wedding last Sunday.
She loves to pull off her socks!
Daddy enjoys bedhead, coffee, and a snuggly baby.
This wacky outfit is Mom's fault.  It was warm out so Kate was wearing a romper (shirt/shorts one piece).  Then it got cooler and since pants wouldn't fit over the outfit, we added giraffe print legwarmers...and socks...and a purple hoodie!
The sweater was handmade - handy zipper up the back makes it easier to put on.  (Here is Kate having grabbed that first sock!)
And here, the first sock has been flung away.
Now we're going for the second sock!
And now, taking a break to chew on an actual toy.
Her "talking" face often comes out as shocked or terrified in pictures!

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