Sunday, September 23, 2012

Katherine's 32nd week

We enjoyed a nice evening out to Five Guys for greasy burgers, and then TCBY for healthy dessert!  Kate had her usual green and orange baby food dinner, and got to try some frozen yogurt.
She loves to sit and play!
Tub time!
This is a cozy fleece outfit from Grandma Van Hook.  Babies look cute in hoods!
Kate thinks socks are toys conveniently placed on her foot for tugging.
Sometimes we watch we were trying Blue's Clues.
Mmm, purees!
Kate likes playing with raquetballs.
She's growing...when Luidens grandparents bought us this toy, we had to put a towel underneath so Katherine's feet could reach.  Yesterday we had to adjust the height because she was too tall for the "short" setting!
Showing off 2 teeth!  Teething means occasional crankiness (sometimes in the middle of the night) but we know it's worth it!

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