Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family visit

Here are some photos of family visiting our house this past weekend.  Besides witnessing Katherine's baptism, everyone enjoyed time outside playing, socializing and, of course, eating!

Thanks Aunt Karie for taking these family photos!

Aunt Karie joined us for a walk to the playground before dinner

Family and friends getting introduced

Chef Matt at the grill
Kate with Grandma Luidens

She loved eating watermelon!

Can you see the rubber duck in mid-air?

Reading a book of Bedtime Stories for Girls from Great Grandma Van Hook

Aunt Karie drew this life-like portrait of...guess who?

Nose kiss

Playing with Great Uncle Don
Kate with Grandma Van Hook


Great Grandma reading to Kate before bed

We had a wonderful weekend - and slept well afterwards. :-)

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