Sunday, July 7, 2013

Photos from June

The Van Hooks have been busy lately!  We moved from our apartment to a house across town.  It is bigger, and we are enjoying living in this pretty neighborhood.  Emily has been teaching a summer class, and Matt has been busy doing lots of yard work (now that we actually have a yard!).  It will be a while until we are completely unpacked, but we are settling in.

Now, here's some of what Katherine has been up to!

She likes to swing!
In the summer, every Wednesday is "Wacky Water Wednesday" at Kate's school.  The kids wear bathing suits and play with water toys outside.  Kate doesn't love getting wet, but she's getting more comfortable with it!
View of our house from the back
Walking along the side of the house
We went to the zoo again - here is a tiger roaring at us!
This is a "splash park" near our house.  Again, Kate hasn't gotten totally into the water yet, but she likes watching the fountains and getting a little wet.
This is what Kate does if you ask her, "Where's your belly?"  Here she is showing Aunt Karie during a video chat.
Enjoying some ice cream and gelato!
At the park (near the splash park) along with lots of geese.
Getting ready for the 4th of July at school...

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