Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer time

More photos - from the first week of July.

This is what happens when Daddy tries to get Kate dressed ;)
Being goofy (back of the house)

Walking up and down our steep driveway is a challenge for Kate!
We tried playing tetherball at the playground, but Kate didn't get it, and got bopped in the head!
She prefers walking on flat surfaces (cement, sidewalk) but is getting more comfortable walking on grass if she has to - so I needed proof!
Here Kate is enjoying an organic snack. :)
Patriotic PJ's
The new house has lots of opportunities for Kate to practice climbing up stairs!
Peeking over the edge of the front porch
Walking the dog
The Tickle Monster is about to attack...
At the Omaha Children's Museum
Walking around the sidewalk that goes through our yard (side of the house)
Front porch again.  Isn't she cute in her dress?

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